Experts in HVAC cleaning and AeroSeal air duct sealing, we specialize in cleaning and sealing only.  We are passionate about indoor air quality and energy efficiency as it relates to duct systems.  If your serious about clean and efficient air delivery systems which makes your home or building more comfortable, healthier and less expensive to operate then we’re your company!!  Locally owned & operated, Air Medic guarantees the work performed in your residential or commercial building.

Trade Standards and Qualifications

  • Former NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Member
  • NADCA cleaning recommended guidelines and standards are met or exceeded
  • AeroSeal Licensed Service Provider – www.aeroseal.com


Contaminated Air Ducts – A Hidden Risk

Most of us don’t think about what we’re breathing in, but the air you breathe plays a critical role in the health of your family or your employees. Advances in air-tight windows have made the necessity for properly cleaned air ducts far more important since your indoor air doesn’t exchange quickly with the outside air. It’s not enough to change the air intake filter in your ventilation system. Call Air Medic today to find out how we can make your environment pleasant and healthy!

Inefficient Air Duct Systems – A HUGE Energy Waster

In Nevada, builders and HVAC contractors are just now, in 2014, being required to test and pass minimum air leakage requirements as set forth by the State.  This means, conservatively, 90% residential and commercial buildings currently leak air more than current State requirements.  Why does this matter to you?  Let’s put it this way….if your vehicle gas tank leaked 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% of the gas you put into the tank most people would replace the gas tank with one that didn’t leak at all.  Well folks, this is exactly what happens over 90% of residential and commercial buildings.

Air Medic has the answer to this problem.  It’s AeroSeal.  Air Medic is the only Licensed Service Provider in Northern Nevada proving, once again, that Air Medic remains on the cutting edge of technology so we can offer the best services and products to our customers.  Click on the ‘Our Services’ tab for additional details about AeroSeal.

A Reputation for Excellence

Air Medic has earned a reputation for the highest levels of professional integrity and customer trust. This has been accomplished by using state of the art equipment and strict adherence to NADCA guidelines as a matter of policy.  All of our technicians share a strong work ethic and deep respect for our customers. We stand by the quality of our work. It’s a difference you will notice.

Licensed in Northern Nevada and California, Air Medic is BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, follow NADCA cleaning guidelines/standards and a Licensed AeroSeal Provider.

The Latest with Air Medic

Air Medic now offers patented AeroSeal Technology which is proven to significantly reduce energy costs associated with leaky ductwork in residential and commercial buildings.  Air Medic is the first Licensed Service Provider in Northern Nevada!

NOT ALL AIR DUCT CLEANERS/SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE EQUAL!  In fact, a poor or inferior air duct cleaning job, many times, is worse than not cleaning them at all.  It’s critical that 100% of fine particulate matter agitated loose during the cleaning process collected back to vacuum containment equipment.  Without enough negative pressure air flow it’s impossible to properly collect loosened particulates.  Air Medic encourages consumers to visit NADCA.com for research.  Maximize the health and safety of you and your loved ones by getting a quality, professional air duct cleaning job.

Contact Air Medic today….your Clean & Green Air Team!